Cipriani Zero Zero


It is with great pleasure that Cipriani Drinks presents its new line of alcohol-free beverages, Cipriani Zero Zero. Conceived with the idea of creating unique moments of refined revelry for Cipriani enthusiasts who prefer non-alcoholic drinks.

Since 1931 the secret of Harry’s Bar has always been to make people feel at ease through its enchanting atmosphere. The Cipriani Zero Zero line aims to do just that, to let everyone enjoy a taste of the Cipriani experience at home regardless of their consumption preferences.

Fresh from the lands of Prosecco DOC, Cipriani Zero Zero White & Pink are here to offer sparkling, microfiltered grape juices produced without pasteurization or dealcoholization methods that alter the natural properties of the grape must. Two new drinks without any added sugar and low in calories, perfect for enjoying the atmosphere of unique moments.

Cipriani Zero Zero White

A new alcohol-free arrival. A sparkling grape juice produced exclusively with Glera grape must and rigorously without any additives or processes that may ruin the natural properties of the grapes.

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Cipriani Zero Zero Pink

Another addition soon to come, a sparkling grape juice produced with Glera and Raboso grape must. Brought to you without the use of substances or techniques that alter the natural characteristics of the grapes.

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