Prosecco based drinks

The original homelands of the DOC and DOCG Proseccos are known for much more than just this world-famous sparkling wine. This area of Italy is also rich in traditions and rituals linked to drinking culture that present an abundance of tasty mixes and consumption options.


Here you will find the most celebrated prosecco-based drinks and the recipes to perfectly prepare them. From the original fruit-based drinks, like the Bellini and the Mimosa, invented by Giuseppe, to other traditional mixes that bring out the best of Prosecco, like the “Spritz”, this section will allow you to enjoy a selection of drinks as if you were being served at Harry’s Bar itself.

Prosecco based drinks

How to make the original Peach Bellini cocktail?

The original recipe invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of the one and only Harry’s Bar in Venice.