Gin Cocktails

Looking for the best gin? Take Giuseppe Cipriani’s advice and always go English. And when it comes to deciding on which Gin-based cocktails to begin your mixology experiments with, in this section you will find the best recipes for replicating a selection of Cipriani drinks. A taste of Harry’s Bar made at home, to be enjoyed in good company.


Gin is one of the most preferred distilled spirits for mixing cocktails as it lends itself exquisitely to a variety of flavors and tastes, from fresh and sweet to bitter and intense. Whatever the desired flavor combination, Gin is a perfect partner for bitter, vermouth, fruit extracts, citrus juices and much more.

Gin cocktails


The Dry Martini recipe according to Hemingway

Gin cocktails


The world famous Negroni represents an Italian excellence in the international Mixology scene.