The appetizer, or antipasto in Italian, can be seen as a gesture of welcoming, a tasty inauguration of good tidings for the meal to come. To guarantee the success of this moment of refined revelry here is Arrigo Cipriani’s advice: appetizers are best served in limited quantities so as to not ruin one’s appetite.


In these pages is a collection of appetizer recipes to experiment with at home and to delight your guests with. Here you will find all the necessary instructions and discover how the classic flavors of Italian cuisine are embraced by the Cipriani heritage. Traditional Venetian ‘cicchetti’, creamed codfish, sweet and sour sardines, the famous beef carpaccio with universal dressing sauce… Let the tasting begin!


Baked Scallops

Baked scallops are a simple recipe with a delicate flavor, an exemplar for refined appetizers. Best served with a fresh glass of Cipriani Rosé.