Red Wines

Carefully selected red wines, from the noblest and most glorious grapes to the more curious and rare autochthonous varieties. These wines contain the history of a scrupulous production process in their aromas and velvety touch.


The red wine labels chosen with dedication by Cipriani Drinks are gathered in this section. The beginning of a journey into bringing much more to the table than a good glass of wine, but rather a sip of pleasure that has been guarded and silently aged in bottle for months or years.

Red wine is often synonymous of intensity and full-bodied flavors and such is the case of the Arrigo wine. The perfect red wine for every occasion, to be consumed in company or enjoyed alone, in moments of relax and of celebration – an enduring toast to Arrigo Cipriani’s good health.

Vescovello IGT Red Wine

Hailing from the Tuscan region, this intense and elegant red wine leaves a balanced and clean taste in the mouth.

Discover Vescovello IGT Red Wine

Cancello del Sole Cabernet Sauvignon

From the land of Pramaggiore, where ancient wine traditions have their roots, a young red wine with a light herbal note.

Discover Cancello del Sole Cabernet Sauvignon

Arrigo Red Wine

An intense and full bodied red wine with a strong personality, created to celebrate the ninety years of history and success of Harry's Bar.

Discover Arrigo Red Wine