White Wines

The selection of White Wines is carefully chosen by Cipriani Drinks to exalt the wine traditions deeply entwined in the history of North-Eastern Italy.


This selection of white wines is the result of a methodical analysis carried out by Cipriani Drinks, evaluating each aspect of the winemaking process. From the territory itself and the identification of the best producers, all the way to the commercialization and taste testing. It is in that sip of wine that Cipriani Drinks seeks to share a story and a craft, which, through hard work and passion reaches people and gives them intense moments of pleasure.

Cancello della Luna Chardonnay

From the land of Chardonnay, a fresh and balanced wine with a floral bouquet and exotic notes.

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Cipriani’s unique style and philosophy in the comfort of your home.

Baked Scallops

Baked scallops are a simple recipe with a delicate flavor, an exemplar for refined appetizers. Best served with a fresh glass of Cipriani Rosé.

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Venetian fried seafood mix

The Venetian fried seafood mix is a simple recipe with few ingredients and an authentic taste.

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Prosecco Risotto

A recipe to bring the unmistakeable aroma of Prosecco into your kitchen while reinventing one of the most traditional Italian dishes: the risotto.

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