Harry's Post

Get to know cocktails, liqueurs, and wines to become a perfect mixologist while staying in the comfort of your home. Discover the perfect pairings for each glass of wine. Delve into the story behind each product from the Cipriani Drinks collection, travelling back in time and allowing you to live a complete and informed tasting experience with every sip.


Curiosities, anecdotes, stories, and secrets that all lead to a mysterious and fascinating world on the way to discovering the Cipriani universe. All this and more can be found in Harry’s Post, the magazine that offers a journey of discovery into Cipriani Drinks. A journey in which every stop is an opportunity to learn the secrets behind the art of Mixology, a moment to fantasize about the mysteries of Venice, a fact, a detail, a story, a simple curiosity.


Rosé Wine: How rosé wine is made

How is rosé wine made? Discover the secrets of rosé winemaking and how this elegant and aromatic wine is obtained.


Tonic water, soda, Seltzer: what is the difference?

Tonic water, club soda, seltzer. Discover the differences and uses of these three distinct drinks often mistakenly considered identical.


Bellini Cocktail Food Pairings: Venetian Cicchetti

The Bellini cocktail has always been served with cicchetti at Harry's Bar. Discover 5 cicchetti recommended by Cipriani Drinks.


Cipriani Rosé Wine: perfect pairings for every occasion

A rose wine rich in personality thanks to its harmonious blend of grapes, an exclusive selection of Pinot Noir and an aromatic touch of Chardonnay

The ABCs of Spirits

The ABCs of Vermouth

An elixir with ancient origins, deeply rooted in the history of spirits Made in Italy.

The ABCs of Spirits

The ABCs of Gin

Everything you need to know about the origins of one of the most famous spirits in the world, especially as a base for mixology classics.


From the founding of Harry’s Bar to today,
the story of a myth in your own home

A story worth telling by those who lived it. Through his books Arrigo reflects on and traces Cipriani’s journey into the world of hospitality and service.