Pairing food and drinks that enhance each other’s flavors is a tradition used throughout the world and that varies according to local customs. Here you will find a collection of pairings that originate from the homeland of the Cipriani universe and that have hosted Harry’s Bar for over 70 years, Venice and the Veneto region in general.
How to perfectly pair the Cipriani Rosé? Which dish best enhances a glass of Prosecco DOC? Which dessert best accompanies a digestif based cocktail? These are only a few examples of suggestions and tips that can be found in this section.


Bellini Cocktail Food Pairings: Venetian Cicchetti

The Bellini cocktail has always been served with cicchetti at Harry's Bar. Discover 5 cicchetti recommended by Cipriani Drinks.


Cipriani Rosé Wine: perfect pairings for every occasion

A rose wine rich in personality thanks to its harmonious blend of grapes, an exclusive selection of Pinot Noir and an aromatic touch of Chardonnay