Curiosities, anecdotes, encounters, nostalgic reflections, and amusing situations to learn about or rediscover the Cipriani magic that has come to life over the years.
A narrative space for the story of Cipriani: Giuseppe, Arrigo, Harry’s Bar and the many Cipriani establishments around the world. Friends of Harry’s Bar from yesterday and today. The women of the Cipriani family that have always had a determining role in its history. And philosophical reflections on the Cipriani ideology: the importance of a complex simplicity.


Rosé Wine: How rosé wine is made

How is rosé wine made? Discover the secrets of rosé winemaking and how this elegant and aromatic wine is obtained.


Tonic water, soda, Seltzer: what is the difference?

Tonic water, club soda, seltzer. Discover the differences and uses of these three distinct drinks often mistakenly considered identical.