Cipriani Rosé Wine: perfect pairings for every occasion

Cipriani Rosé is immediately recognizable for its delicate pink hue, fruity essence, and smooth taste. A rose wine rich in personality thanks to its harmonious blend of grapes, an exclusive selection of Pinot Noir and an aromatic touch of Chardonnay.


Cipriani Rosé is a wine to be savored in a moment of complete relax, better still if accompanied by tasty snacks. There is no doubt that Rosé wine is the perfect fit for aperitifs and happy hours with friends, the question, however, is which food pairings best enhance Rosé’s flavors? Here are Cipriani’s suggestions on how to prepare an impeccable aperitif, making your happy hour at home an exquisite tasting experience.

Cipriani Rosé Wine & Fish Appetizers

The first suggestion for preparing the perfect aperitif is to serve Rosé wine with a series of fish appetizers. For special occasions, such as a romantic aperitif for two, the ideal pairing is without a doubt a selection of raw seafood. The question then becomes, Mediterranean or Oriental inspired? Cipriani Rosé will enhance the taste of raw shrimp and prawns, but it is also adept in bringing out the flavors of tuna, salmon, and sword fish, especially when served as a carpaccio or tartar. Rosé is also an admirable pairing for your next sushi date, creating a perfect harmony with the traditional “umami” taste of this Japanese speciality.

Those who prefer more traditional fish appetizers will be delighted to hear that Rosé wine is a perfect pairing for dishes such as smoked fish, octopus salad, and a variety of shellfish. Ideal for dishes with the ever-savory anchovies or with oysters for a truly refined pairing.

Cipriani Rosé Wine & Charcuterie Board Appetizers

Rosé wine is not only perfect for pairing with fish and seafood, but it is also particularly suited for pairing with the stars of your charcuterie board. In fact, Rosé is a perfect companion for an abundant and varied selection of cheese and cured meats. Pairing Rosé with the classic Italian cured ham, “prosciutto”, is a superb example of how this wine will bring out the delicate flavors of its culinary counterparts, flavors that would risk being smothered by a full-bodied red wine. Salami offers another interesting pairing option for Rosé wine, particularly those enriched with spices or with hints of garlic. The likes of which will be balanced by the fresh and fruity notes of this delicate wine, which again will not cover any flavors of its pairing counterpart. A charcuterie board is not complete without a selection of cheese and to best complement your Rosé wine fresh and soft cheese is ideal. While Rosé is a great companion to herb infused cheese, the pungent flavors of aged cheese are generally better suited to a red wine.

To balance out this moment of indulgence, why not add some vegetables to your Rosé aperitif? Add the finishing touches to your charcuterie board by including vegetables with particularly decisive flavors such as artichoke, asparagus, and cabbage.

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