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The original Bellini is available for purchase exclusively on the official website, in the dedicated section of the online shop.

All original Cipriani Drinks products are exclusive to the official website and can be purchased from the online shop.

The Bellini is a cocktail perfect for an aperitif, or happy hour, with friends. Made with the finest white peach purée and Prosecco, it is best served in its traditional glass. Discover the steps to making a perfect Bellini at home with the Cipriani Bellini recipe.

Since its conception in 1948, the original Bellini drink, an exemplar of Giuseppe Cipriani’s genius, is prepared exclusively with only one type of wine: Prosecco. Purchase the original Cipriani Brut Prosecco in the dedicated section of the online shop and prepare the Bellini recipe in the comfort of your home.

To perfectly maintain its characteristics, it is recommended that Prosecco be stored away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. The ideal storage location is, not by chance, a wine cellar.

A bottle of Bellini is best consumed within 18 months of its bottling date. Once opened, it is best consumed within two to three days to fully enjoy its flavors.

Prosecco is low in calories with one glass (3.5 oz) equating to 70 kcal.

The Bellini, just as its core ingredient, Prosecco, is low in calories. 3.5 ounces of the Bellini drink has approximately 70 kcal.

Rosé wine, just as Prosecco and the Bellini, has a moderate calorie count with one glass (3.5 oz) equating to approximately 74kcal.

Gin is considered the spirit the best suits those worried about their figure. One shot of Gin contains approximately 97 kcal.

Digestifs tend to have slightly more calories than Gin, one shot contains approximately 120-130 kcal.

Cipriani’s non-alcoholic wine is not harmful as it is produced with a method that preserves the natural organoleptic properties of the grapes. The production method of Cipriani Zero Zero does not include any type of treatment to the ingredients or dealcoholization processes. The natural properties of the must remain intact and provide a source of resveratrol and vitamin P, known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

The best way to enjoy limoncello is by serving it cold or over ice. Not only does this make for a refreshing way to finish a meal on a warm summer evening, but the lower temperature better exalts its intense flavor. Limoncello is traditionally served as a digestif to be sipped and savored after an abundant meal, however, it can be added to cocktails and drinks for an unexpected kick of extra flavor.

A quality Rosé wine is not overbearingly sweet. While it is certainly much sweeter and more delicate than its red counterpart, sparkling Rosé wine is balanced, inviting, and goes down smooth.

Not sure how to best enjoy that newly purchased bottle of Gin? Experiment at home with our Gin-based recipes or discover the long history of this celebrated spirit through the ABCs of Gin.

Which is the best Rosé wine? What is Rosé wine exactly? A harmonious blend of red and white comes together in the ever charismatic Rosé, the perfect companion for numerous occasions. Discover the details of this sparkling wine and how it can be perfectly paired to a variety of culiary dishes.

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