Cipriani Non-alcoholics

Cipriani Tonics and Cipriani Zero Zero are the new alcohol-free members of the Cipriani family, conceived to enrich carefree moments.


Non-alcoholic drinks have always had an important role in the history of Harry’s Bar and the Cipriani family. These drinks aim to make those who do not consume alcohol feel happy and included in moments of refined revelry and are ideal for children and those who abstain from drinking alcohol for both personal and religious reasons. The reasoning behind the creation of the Cipriani Zero Zero line, available in White and Pink versions, is no longer a secret: let all Cipriani enthusiasts live a satisfying experience.

Another category of non-alcoholic drinks will please those who also appreciate a pungent cocktail. Non-alcoholic drinks are, in fact, a fundamental element in any cocktail composition and must be of equal quality to their counterparts, capable of enhancing their peculiarities. Generally, a dash is enough to balance and exalt your favorite cocktail, creating a complex, yet simple aromatic structure. Cipriani Tonics with its two versions, an Indian tonic and a Mediterranean tonic, have been designed for exactly this reason, to pay homage to the art of Mixology and to create perfectly balanced cocktails from classic icons like the Gin Tonic or Vodka Tonic to modern compositions.


A stern Indian tonic and a fresh Mediterranean tonic, friends and accomplices of the best spirits and determined to create the perfect drink.

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Cipriani Zero Zero

From the homeland of Prosecco DOC come two sparkling, microfiltered grape juices that represent the Cipriani philosophy: freedom for all and without impositions.

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Ideas, recipes and pairings

A collection of exquisite recipes, pairing possibilities, and suggestions on Cipriani products.

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