Cipriani Tonics


Cipriani tonic waters have been conceived to celebrate the art of Mixology. Since 1931 people from around the world have visited Harry’s Bar to relish in its welcoming atmosphere and to savor the cocktails crafted by the Cipriani barmen, from the most traditional and iconic classics to modern variations.

Tonics are both a wonderfully refreshing drink and an ideal companion for a variety of cocktail recipes. For those who prefer dry, no-gimmick drinks, the way Hemingway preferred as he spoke with Giuseppe Cipriani, Harry’s Tonic is the ideal choice. This classic and stern Indian tonic water balances sharp flavors of spirits such as Gin or Vodka. Whereas for those who prefer a slightly more elaborate drink with spicy and fruity notes, the Eloise Tonic is a more fitting choice. This Mediterranean tonic water with fresh citrus notes adds a dash of intrigue to both Gin and Vodka Tonics, making for a rich and intense experience.

Harry’s Tonic

A strong and classic tonic ideal for mixing Gin and Vodka cocktails.

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Eloise Tonic

A flavored and fancy tonic that tastes good on its own or in company.

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