Cipriani Drinks aims to bring a dash of the Harry’s Bar experience into the comfort of your home. Allow us to accompany you in imagining or reliving those special moments in Calle Vallaresso, nestled in the heart of Venice and its whimsical atmosphere of history, myth and liberty.


Bellini Cipriani

The secret of the Cipriani family, who have been welcoming customers from all over the world for four generations, lies in the luxury of simplicity built on details designed to make customers feel at home. The original recipe for Bellini, prepared at Harry’s Bar in Venice, calls for a balance of Prosecco and Mediterranean white peach puree. The same harmony between fruity and dry taste, intensity and freshness, is still present in our bottles today.

The foundation for the success of this cocktail, created by Giuseppe Cipriani, lies in the combination of two simple and genuine ingredients: the gentle and delicate taste of Mediterranean white peaches and the lively effervescence of Italian brut sparkling wine.

The Original

Bellini Cipriani

A lovely, smooth aperitif in which the velvety flavor of peaches, strictly white, blends with the liveliness of Prosecco, resulting in a cocktail that is a riot of life, both for the eyes and the palate.

The original recipe has always had the same ingredients, ever since the Bellini was invented: peaches and Prosecco suffice each other, complement each other. No other fruity flavoring is needed.


Made with homegrown Violetto Artichokes from the Torcello's Island

Amaro Cipriani 7 Parti

This unique handcrafted product is made with homegrown Violetto Artichokes, produced in the Cipriani Family-owned Island of Sant’Antonio, near Torcello Island in the remote wilderness of the Venetian Lagoon.

The Cipriani Amaro 7 Parti obtains its strong taste from the leaves of the Violetto Artichoke. An exquisite product, the perfect digestive, also suitable for mixology as well as a perfect digestive.


Prosecco DOCG


Giulietta is a Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut. 

It is the ambassador of the magnificent hills in the northern area of Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the grapes ripen. 

The wide range of temperatures between day and night create an ideal microclimate that gives the wine an unmistakable finesse, a pleasant freshness and intense aromas of golden apples and acacia flowers. 

In addition to the normal cultivation practices, in order to allow the grapes to ripen optimally, the buds are carefully trimmed. The production is kept very low in order to have grapes rich in scent and aromas. 


Prosecco Rosé DOC


Gabriella is a Prosecco Rosé that is produced using an innovative method of vinification that cools the must to 0°C and following fermentation at 15 °C.

This allows the wine to enhance and maintain its precious aromas of pear, strawberry, raspberry and violet. In order to allow the grapes to ripen optimally, and in addition to the normal cultivation practices, the buds are carefully topped and defoliated.

The production is kept very low in order to have grapes rich in scent and aromas.